What to see? What to do?

Corte is the historic capital of independent Corsica of the 18th century. Built around the rock outcrop which sits proudly the medieval citadel built by Vincentello of Istria in 1415, the old town is full of hidden treasures.. You just have to look for it ! 
Plot alleys in the authentic paving of the old town will seduce you.
Near the Hotel Duc de Padua, you will inevitably be tempted by a swim in the clear waters of Tavignanu or Restonica.
To understand better the history of Corsica, you have to visit the Museum of Corsica. It's an anthropological museum to its base, and it annually hosts temporary exhibitions on varied themes.
Finally, Corte includes a restoration of quality, at low prices, you will undoubtedly find your happiness.

Corte is located in central Corsica, less than 2 hours from almost all of the island sites.

In SUMMER you can hike in the mountains or on our trails, you can swim in natural pools of Restonica, Tavignanu or, a little further into those of the Vecchio or the Golo.
Several companies of outdoor activities are available on Corte (tree climbing, guided hikes, guided tours, via ferratta, canyoning).

In FALL, hiking is always enjoyable, while the forest puts on its finest colors.

In WINTER, you will meet the real Corsica, authentic. Area attractions emptied the summer mass, and still beautiful. This is a good time to look for the famous island delicatessen. For most athletes, snowshoeing, mountaineering or ski will seduce you.

In Spring, the sun returns (although it is never gone very far), everything is green, the temperatures are mild, Corsica wakes up gently. At Easter in Corte, you can witness the holy Thursdays and Fridays in processions and features very emotionally charged.

As a resume, Corsica is good all the time ...